Walter Bisang 教授:Construction Grammar and Constructionalization
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题目:Construction Grammar and Constructionalization

演讲者: Walter Bisang 教授(欧洲科学院院士,德国美因茨大学英语及语言学系普通语言学及比较语言学教授)





摘要:Construction Grammar (Goldberg 2006) is one of the leading linguistic theories. It contrasts with theories based on Universal Grammar by showing how grammar can be modelled from the perspective of language use (usage-based grammar). In my presentation, I will focus on constructions as the basic units of a speaker’s linguistic knowledge from a diachronic perspective and the question of how new constructions emerge in the course of time (constructionalization). This type of research is closely related to research on grammaticalization (e.g. Traugott & Trousdale 2013). Based on data from serial verbs in Chinese and some mainland Southeast Asian languages, I will discuss how and to what extent constructionalization as presented by Traugott & Trousdale (2013) contributes to our understanding of grammaticalization. Starting out from important new insights coming from that approach, I will go on showing (i) that additional modelling is needed for explaining the concrete structural properties of constructions and (ii) that the combination of a larger number of markers in a single linguistic utterance may turn out to be problematic for a coherent definition of what a construction is (for a short sketch, cf. Bisang 2017).


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Goldberg, A. 2006. Constructions at Work. The Nature of Generalization in Language. Oxford University Press/Oxford.

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